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I don't know about you, but I love a good debate. We all have a subject or subjects we feel passionate about. I don't mean zealot level, holy war waging, 'worrld need to change' doom predicting kind of passion. I mean those things we would talk if the opportunity presented itself, especially if our opinions do not belong to the mainstream. Personal choices, that sometimes bother people who graduated from the That's How The Things Should Be Academy.
Anyway, you see a question with a potentioal. You think: 'Oh boy! This will give me a proper debate!'
So you stretch your debating limbs, swap some messages and suddenly you realize that the other person ran out of the arguments. How can you tell? Because the debate switched to the personal attacks and assumptionsbased on a detail you said a couple of exchanges ago. So, you tell them to stop making assumptions and the answer is:
'You were not required to answer that question, have a nice life.'  Discussion over.
You can say many things about me, not all of them pleasant, but I know when I'm beaten and I can admit that.
I feel it's like the discussion I used to have with my father. When he run out of argument he'd say: 'Don't be infanitle/stupid/' or 'You are so immature' to end the discussion and to have upper hand. Lame.

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