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I have always thought that the advantage of the asynchronous communication is the amount of the deliberate effort that comes with it. A letter, for example. It takes some time to write,   every thought is being filtered through the action of writing, reading and re-reading to make it as good as possible. To make it as clear as possible and, finally, to take the responsibility for the words committed to paper.  The act of writing is very unlike the speech, or rapid clattering of a chat. The things should not go out blurted. This idea seems to be lost on some people. There is this trend to write and post without thinking, sprinkling bold statements for everyone to see. After that the period of fear of the reaction comes. The inability to face the consequences of one's own writing.
I make sure that everything I write is exactly what I want to say, no backsies, no hiding of the head in the sand. Can you say the same?

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Posted on 10:08AM on Dec 25th, 2012
Wow wee. Could you re dew that, but this tyme write slower, I'm a slow reader.
Also please spell smaller words, it's not because I don't know the a b 3's its that I am a monosylabic.
Im not a stupid dummy head either, my IQ is darn near the double digits. *****
I liked your Christmas confession. I'm doing the same.
Posted on 10:17AM on Dec 25th, 2012
Thanks for your comment. You are the first to do do so on any of my blogs! The main thing is that I want to know why people won't read before they post.
Posted on 12:36PM on Jan 2nd, 2013
That's THE reason why it takes me so much time to write... Choosing the good words for my thoughts...
Happy new year to you ...
Posted on 12:39PM on Jan 2nd, 2013
Thanks for your comment, LeBoson. And I thank you in the name of your adresees. Happy New Year!
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