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I have learnt today a couple of interesting things about human communication.

1. You can't communicat with anyone who would not listen, or to be more precise, would not listen to somebody  speaking the truth. The ears of some people will be open only towards praise. In other words, anyone who cannot take constructive criticism, is unwiling to learn from their mistakes, even if they say otherwise.

2.if a person, that is otherwise well spoken, cannot controll their 'runaway' sentences while agitated it means several things. Firstly, they cannot control their temper. Secondly, they are too out of control to reat their entry again just to make sure they are understood.

3.I have nothing to say to the person that thinks that education is a stupid waste of time. The education can put a restriction on ones creativity, as the old forms are still taught. However, to be able to break free from the constrains of the old forms and to experiment with new, one needs to know the old forms first. Otherwise one is bound to repeat the process of discovering what is already discovered. This is the second time I've met somebody who thinks I am bending over for 'the Man' because I place such an importance on the clarity of communication. It baffles me to see such people.

4. I was naive in thinking that I'm helping while I was being used as a free proofreading machine.

So, to anyone accidently reading this entry, what did youlearn about the human ability to communicate?

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