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Ekhm..right then...Em..
Hello world. There I have started my first ever blog post. I have never imagined myself writing a blog, but since I joined this social site some things, quite unexpected things have happened. I will speak about those in my consecutive posts. The online networking is still quite new to me and  I may sound(read?) as a grinning idiot, but I thought I'll do it anyway for the record's sake.
'And now for something completely different' -Man I have always wanted to say that..

Because some people seems to be confused about it and taking into an account human fondness of the vows and oaths, I decided to do this:


I, Bride of Kain, do solemnly swear:
To tell the truth
Be honest and sincere
In my stories, confessions, answers,messages,comments, questions and blog posts.
To conceal and withhold nothing
Except the name of the country
That bore me, raised me, betrayed me and abandoned me.
So shall it be
Under the sanctity of Reason, Tolerance, Peace and Progress.
This is my Pledge.

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